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Oh Yes It Is!

Hello Everybody! It is so lovely to meet you boys and girls, Ladies and Earls!

We are back! (Oh yes we are!) And this time we want to take you on a classical pantomime adventure! After our production of "Robin Hood: A Virtual Pantomime" was successfully aired on Zoom in 2021, back in the those dark, dark times of lockdown, we now aim to hit the stage and fill our audience's hearts with laughter and joy for all ages!


Working in conjunction with Hunter's Productions and Cosmic Productions. 

What is ROBIN HOOD: OH YES IT IS ? What's the story about?

Our Pantomime merges two well-known stories from the Robin Hood legends of old.  We put our panto twist on both "The Golden Arrow" and "Robin Hood and Maid Marian", as well as adding some original elements including, The Fairy of Sherwood forest and Dame Scarlett's funny antics!

We aim to tell a story that people love and recognise, as well as give them a modern, fun and interesting twist.    


Thank you to everyone who joined us over the run of our showing of


We had a fantastic turn out. It had been 5 weeks of hard work but thanks to our cast being absolutely amazing

this job was made so much easier.

“And now our story has come to an end, and no one needs to fear. With a bit of luck and fairy dust... we’ll see you later this year”

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