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Hunter Extreme HEMA

 Hunters Extreme HEMA is the Potion of the club dedicated to HEMA ( Historical European martial arts) . Now studying Several Treatise and sources of HEMA  for over 6 years and with a background based in marital arts and Stage combat, both armed and unarmed we will  together towards Improving the understanding of HEMA both in theory and application.  

We train using in a several different weapons and sword fighting styles. The historical sources which form the basis of our teaching range from the Early medieval period (early 12th Century), through the renaissance and into the early modern sources (18th century).

We welcome anyone from all walks of life, and every session we strive towards creating and maintaining a safe and inclusive environment where everyone should feel free to be themselves. You also shouldn’t be concerned about your fitness level or prior martial arts background, as most exercises can be performed slowly or at speed depending on your comfort zone.

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