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Hunters Extreme HEMA

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Welcome to Hunters Extreme HEMA!

Are you interested in learning the art of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA)? Look no further than Hunters Extreme HEMA! Our club is dedicated to teaching the techniques and principles of HEMA, a martial art that focuses on recreating historical combat styles from Europe.


What is HEMA?

HEMA stands for Historical European Martial Arts. It is a martial art that focuses on reconstructing historical European combat systems from the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and early modern period. Practitioners of HEMA use accurate historical sources such as manuals, treatises, and artwork to recreate the martial techniques and principles of these periods.


Why should you join Hunters Exstream HEMA?

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider joining our club:

  1. Learn a unique and fascinating martial art. HEMA is not as well-known as other martial arts like karate or judo, but it offers a rich and diverse history that is fascinating to learn about.

  2. Get a great workout. HEMA is a physically demanding martial art that will challenge your strength, endurance, and agility.

  3. Develop practical self-defense skills. While HEMA is primarily a sport, the techniques and principles you learn can be applied to real-world self-defense situations.

  4. Join a supportive and welcoming community. At Hunters Exstream HEMA, we prioritize creating a safe and supportive environment where members can learn and grow together.


What can you expect as a member of Hunters Exstream HEMA?

As a member of our club, you'll have access to regular classes, workshops, and events focused on HEMA. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the techniques and principles of HEMA, from basic footwork and strikes to more advanced techniques and sparring.

We welcome members of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced practitioners. Whether you're looking to learn a new martial art, get in shape, or meet new people, Hunters Extreme HEMA has something to offer.


Ready to join?

If you're interested in learning more about HEMA and our club, we invite you to attend one of our classes or workshops. We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to the world of HEMA!

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Come and Join the Our HEMA Community 

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