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Hunter's Fight Films

This is Hunters Fight Films! Boom Monkey Productions and Hunters Productions Have joined forces to bring you are expertise and make amazing fight reel content for Actors and performers of any background. We will dedicate ourselves to making your fight reel work best towards your abilities and show your talents to the highest standards.

Basic Fight Pack


Unarmed or single weapon

Basic but by no means boring!

Our Basic Fight Pack is the recommended for those newest to fight performance or those who just need a simple yet effective fight reel. Typically in a modern setting, Unarmed basic/martial combat or with a common weapon set I.E. single sword, staff, Baton


Intermediate Fight Pack 

Weapons fighting  

This is a Fight reel for those experienced in stage & screen combat, an will utilize more advanced techniques and weapons systems. Such a Rapier and Dagger, Sword and Shield, Duel wielding weapons,  Saber and so on 



Veterans Fight Pack


Weapons and Choreography

This Pack will be with more challenging and advanced weapons sets and choreography, Suggested for those who are already very experienced in Stage and Screen combat and wanting to show the very Peak of your Skills and abilities with a weapon system of your choice against whatever weapon system you like. Costumes and weapons provided. 


Delux Short Fight Film Pack 

Acting and fighting based short film

This is a short film Pack where we will help you create a short film focusing both on your acting and stage/screen combat abilities. We will help you with costume, script, set, props, casting, stunts and of course filming your project. 


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