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Hello Citizens of Gotham!

We are back! And this time we want to take you to the dark undercity of Gotham!

After our last project was successfully kickstarted in the first 24 hours and with "Valhalla Calling" premiering earlier this year and soon heading out to film festivals, we are ready to begin our next short film: The Crimson Smile!


What is The Crimson Smile? And what is the story about?

The Crimson smile is a fan adaptation of a Super Hero movie-style short film depicting events that have been immortalised in the comics and animation many times over - the first meeting of The Joker and The Red Hood.


When The Joker, Batman's arch-nemesis, is about to get his hands on a new ingredient of his infamous joker toxin in a military bunker and on the way to finalise his plans to act chaos and mayhem, something seems... off?! With deathly screams and an unrelenting thirst for vengeance, The Joker is caught in an ambush! This doesn't fit his usual pointy-eared adversary's style. This much more brutal and deadly assailant peeks at The Joker's sick and twisted sense of curiosity and humour. In this deadly game of life and death, may The Joker have found a new adversary? Who is holding all the aces and who has The Joker's?

We need your help to Make this Project come to life please check out our kick starter!

The Crimson Smile Kick Starter!

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