Hunters Productions

Hunters Productions is exactly what is says on the tin, when we fund, produce or create or crew a project Hunters productions is behind the scenes working away at it. 

Check out some of our projects below

Film & Theater Projects

Here you can see teasers of or in full our projects as they are released  or maybe even early! We have a lot coming down the line and all and any support would be welcome. Please enjoy some of our work!   

Project Templar

Project Templar is our first short shot over 7 hours on a low budget, it was the first combination of hunters stage combat and Streetlight productions. A deadly duel between to errant modern Templars to ascend to knight hood.  


A Virtual Pantomime

Thank you to everyone who joined us over the run of our showing of


we had a fantastic turn out. It’s been a busy 5 weeks of hard work, but thanks to our amazing cast, this job was made so much easier!

“And now our story has come to an end, and no one needs to fear. With a bit of luck and fairy dust...we’ll see you later this year”

we hope you will join us when the next stages of this work comes around keep your eye on this space 

Project Templar


Origins is a sequel to Templar showing a encounter between the high martial and a rouge who he seems Knows to him. This is the second collaboration with Streetlight productions. Coming Soon!


Debauchery Duelists

Debauchery Duelists Tells the story of Two foolish getry fighting over the love of a lady of the night, Is this love worth dying for? Hunters stage combat and Streetlight productions, video coming soon!